Welcome to the Future of Marketing and Digital E-Commerce for Health Care

We specialize in the business of healthcare marketing and digital e-commerce. We have years of experience working with Dermatologists, Estheticians, Orthopedics, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, Naturopathic Doctors and more.

Let us help grow your practice and increase revenue through a variety of methods we have developed specifically for the healthcare industry. Whether your a large clinic or a solo entrepreneur we can develop a customized solution that will create multiple income streams for your business and will wow your customers.


The Upward Twist

Smart-Tech Web Design

We design high-performing and secure websites specially engineered for the healthcare industry. Our websites are mobile friendly, patient safe, and ready to sell any of your products or services online.

Let us build you a website that performs and responds to your customers.





Content Creation

We understand the unique challenge of creating great content for your company while maintaining patient privacy. Our photographers understand HIPAA privacy laws and are very comfortable working inside medical offices, clinics, hospitals, and surgical suites.

Grow your brand and client trust with professional photography and video production.

Social Media & E-mail Campaign Management

Let us focus on your all of your social media marketing needs so you can focus on growing your business. We can help explain your medical offerings and treatment services in a way that people can understand and get excited about.

Grow your business through social engagement and campaign marketing.

Ad Campaigns

Social Media Management

E-Mail Marketing

Google Advertising

Online Intake Forms

Need help bridging the gap between your beautiful website and We can create customized HIPAA verified forms that can easily be integrated into your website that keeps your patient's info safe and you informed.

Bring your dated office paperwork into the digital age.

HIPAA Secure

Our HIPAA-compliant forms automatically encrypt form data, assuring the privacy of your patients' health information. We guarantee your PHI will stay secure keeping your business protected and your patients safe.

Fully Customizable

Whether you are a Dermatologist, Beauty Aesthetician, Chiropractor, Physician, Dentist, or any other healthcare provider, we can create a form that is fully customized to fit your needs and your growing practice.

Mobile Responsive

These online forms are designed to be filled out on any smartphone, tablet or computer. This means your patients can schedule appointments, update their medical history, or register as a new patient from anywhere.

Schedule Appointments

Patients can easily book appointments by selecting a date and/or time on your form. With our Google Calendar integration, appointments booked through your form will automatically be created as events in your calendar.

Collect Payments

Patients can pay bills online. With our forms we can embed a payment form directly onto your site that integrates with dozens of payment processors, like Square, Stripe, and Authorize.Net

Obtain Patient History & Files

Your patients will have the ability to fill out medical intake forms, sign electronically, or send important documentation or images directly through your forms. Plus, these files are stored according to HIPAA standards.

Get Consent for Treatment

Get informed consent online. Customize your medical form to describe your patients’ treatment, any possible risks, and their right to refuse treatment. Patients can submit your consent form with their legally binding electronic signature.

Increase Patient Conveninece

Bring your practice into the digital age. Studies show modernizing your practice into offering digital forms not only provides your patients the ability to quickly check-in but also increases the likelihood of them to book and keep in touch with your practice.

Create Passive Income using E-Commerce & Memberships

Are you looking to increase your revenue? Imagine selling any of your current products or services directly to your patients from your online website. Increase profits and engage your customers by giving them a convenient way to stay in touch with promotions, e-books, membership packages, and more, all while being able to purchase from you directly from anywhere.

Increase revenue up to 30% through the use of online e-commerce.


  • Sell Your Products Online
  • Wholesale Medical Grade Products
  • Access to Online Medical Dispensary
  • Online Store Setup with Products
  • Payment Processing Integration
  • Integrate with any CRM or E-mail Campaign


  • E-Book Development Assistance
  • Graphics and Design Layout
  • Sell Unlimited E-Books and Packages
  • PDF Conversion for Easy Online Download
  • Complete Integration with Website
  • Connect to Payment Gateway

Online Memberships

  • Membership Development Strategy
  • Passive and Active Income Strategies
  • Create Multiple Packages for Your Clients
  • Accept Recurring and One Time Payments
  • Create Specials & Discounts for Promotions
  • Automated Payment Processing and Refunds

Get Your Practice Visible Online with Search Engine Optimization

Most specialty clinics are located within a confined geographical area of a city. This puts a burden on Google and other Search Engines in attempting to find your business when a customer types in your category of business such as "Dermatology Nashville". This is why proper SEO is so important. The more relevant your business is to Google, the greater the chances of your business showing up in search results.

Our 3-step approach to getting your business to be #1 on Google.


Step 1
  • Google Webmaster Tools Account Creation
  • Google Analytics Account Creation
  • Major Search Engine Submission
  • Local Business Directory Submission
  • Business Listing Network Submission
  • GPS & Mobile Map Submission


Step 2
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Website User Interaction Evaluation
  • Website Loading Speed Evaluation
  • Bulk Optimize Website Content
  • Website SSL Encryption
  • Bad Link Cleanup


Step 3
  • Local Business Keyword Entry
  • Website Content Metadata Entry
  • Internet Marketing Consultation
  • XML Sitemaps Entry and Submission
  • Googlebot Crawling for Page Indexing
  • Monthly Ranking Reports and Evaluation

Using a combination of keywords, back links, and data; we work hard to improve your organic visibility, driving more organic search traffic to your website.





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