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Filmmaker & Blogger I was always a shy child, unsure of my abilities and of myself. I was that girl beaming bright red in the back of the classroom if someone was to call my name out loud. Not from embarrassment, but from the fear of not having the knowledge of whatever was about to be asked of me. After high school, I enrolled in a two-year animation program at a local college and graduated as class valedictorian due to my perseverance. Completely outside of my comfort zone, I then moved to the other side of Canada to begin my career in film. Little did I know that this move would help me overcoming my fear of rejection, failure, and negative criticism. Seven years later I had steady work in film, I owned my own car, I owned my own apartment, I found love, and life was picture perfect… on paper. In reality, I was battling depression. From depression I’ve learnt that life has continuous ups and downs, and the idea of running away from confrontation is non-existent. I realized that I have to stop hiding my problems with a smile, I have to stop agreeing with everyone when there was no common ground, and I have to start speaking up for myself because my identity is all I have. It wasn’t until I gained the courage to express myself organically to the world that I was able to over-come hopelessness. Writing has become my passion, and my life is now my muse. Currently I’m working on a book in which I hope to publish in the near future. Real success is being strong enough to keep organic to who you truly are. Don’t be scare of what others will say, think, or feel. Be you. Stay strong. Never give up on yourself!