5 Things That You Need To Stop Doing In Order To Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams
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Typically, we all have dreams and aspirations. Our dreams help drive our purpose in life, they give us something to look forward to, and they make us who we are. This requires finding honestly within ourselves and understanding the difference between our desires and our sense of obligation. Once we can distinguish the two, it becomes easier to recognize our dreams for what they are, and not how others may interpret them for us.

We don’t choose our dreams, our dreams choose us, and it’s our job to find a way to execute them. I like to sit with paper and pen, and just be. Letting thoughts and idea flow throughout my head, I write it all down. One word, two words, I write everything! Seeing ideas physically on paper can help bring clarity to what it is that I’m searching for. My thoughts usually then turn into a list, and before I know it I have a list of goals for the next 3 months, which helps me move my dreams into the right direction.

Transforming our dreams into reality may feel impossible in the beginning, but once we find our rhythm, it’s hard to imagine life without living life to the fullest. Yes, it can be easier to coast through life and take whatever happens to be given to us in the moments, but face let’s it, if we have dreams… we need to wake up and live them!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

– Helen Keller

  1. You Need To Stop Listening To The Wrong People


It seems as if everyone becomes an expert on the topic at hand when they hear about your great idea. What was once a dream of yours, is now chewed, chopped, and served back to you from the creative visions of your nearest and dearest. Seek for guidance and advice from those who are experienced in the matter, and follow your heart for the rest. Too many times I’ve listened to people who were only giving advice to help better their situation. No matter what, always follow your gut.

  1. You Need To Stop Playing It Safe 


You think you are living your dreams but deep down you know you’re not. Playing it safe is the biggest mojo killer when it comes to turning your dreams into reality. It’s like choosing vanilla ice cream when you really wanted double chocolate fudge. Sure, you were able to avoid a few extra calories but are you actually satisfied? The first step to stop playing it safe is to stop caring what others may think. The second step is to make decisions that make you feel good inside.

  1. You Need To Stop Being Indecisive 


Do you want it or not? Being indecisive allows room for you to forget why you’re doing something in the first place. If you don’t know what you want, how the hell will other people figure it out. Being indecisive causes overthinking, and will eventually only cause you self-doubt. Self-doubt will only help you lose momentum, and have you ever seen anyone get to the top of a mountain by standing still? Most importantly, how can you achieve your dreams at a standstill? Get the ball rolling!

  1. You Need To Stop Fearing Failure 


Okay, so the chances of you being messy are pretty high, but where would you be if you didn’t chase your dreams at all? Yeah, failure can be embarrassing, but it’s a pretty safe guaranteed that you will work harder next time. Anyone who is to judge you for failing is someone who has never dreamt a day in their life, have empathy for them. If it wasn’t for repetitive failure, we might not have a Steve Jobs, a Bill Gates, an Albert Einstein, or even an Oprah Winfrey. Don’t sacrifice there not being you because you fear failure.

  1. You Need To Stop Quitting 


After one or two failed attempts you want to throw in the towel and say, “At least I tried”, but did you really try? Well of course you did, you followed through with all the actions of trying, right? When reaching for our goals sometimes the word try is used too loosely. What does it even mean to try, because we either DO or we DON’T, there’s no try. You can’t try to climb a fence, you either do it, or you don’t. If you experience a failed attempt at any of your dreams, the real art is to search for an alternative way to achieve it and continue searching until you find the right formula for success. Don’t give up on your dreams; dreams make you who you are. If you give up on your dreams, you’re giving up on yourself.

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Filmmaker & Blogger I was always a shy child, unsure of my abilities and of myself. I was that girl beaming bright red in the back of the classroom if someone was to call my name out loud. Not from embarrassment, but from the fear of not having the knowledge of whatever was about to be asked of me. After high school, I enrolled in a two-year animation program at a local college and graduated as class valedictorian due to my perseverance. Completely outside of my comfort zone, I then moved to the other side of Canada to begin my career in film. Little did I know that this move would help me overcoming my fear of rejection, failure, and negative criticism. Seven years later I had steady work in film, I owned my own car, I owned my own apartment, I found love, and life was picture perfect… on paper. In reality, I was battling depression. From depression I’ve learnt that life has continuous ups and downs, and the idea of running away from confrontation is non-existent. I realized that I have to stop hiding my problems with a smile, I have to stop agreeing with everyone when there was no common ground, and I have to start speaking up for myself because my identity is all I have. It wasn’t until I gained the courage to express myself organically to the world that I was able to over-come hopelessness. Writing has become my passion, and my life is now my muse. Currently I’m working on a book in which I hope to publish in the near future. Real success is being strong enough to keep organic to who you truly are. Don’t be scare of what others will say, think, or feel. Be you. Stay strong. Never give up on yourself!


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