What to Include In Your Morning Routine for a Successful Day

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One of the things successful people do differently is how they start their day. They’ve developed the right habits, combined them in a unique way and do them early every morning so that the can be productive, energetic and positive till the evening.

How you start your day defines how it will go and how you’ll end it. Over time, however, it can turn your whole life around.

Morning routines aren’t just the things you do right after you wake up, it’s a way of living and having the right mindset.

If you want to hustle every day and move forward in your life, you need to leave bed before others and dedicate the first hour or so after that to things that will help you double your results in any area of life.

In case you’re wondering what morning habits work best or what new you can add to the morning ritual you already have, here are the main elements:

1.   Wake up earlier.

It’s important to use some willpower to wake up earlier than you currently do and to do it with a positive attitude. This will set you up for a successful day and help you take your self-improvement to the next level.

Average people wake up because they have to. But those who make a difference in the world, who live the way they want and have improved themselves, get up an hour or a few earlier than they need to.

This way they create more time and use it wisely, they make the most of their mornings and kickstart each day early on.

2.   Keep morning pages.

Morning pages is a simple exercise that helps you clear your mind and start the day with the right mindset.

It’s nothing more than writing down a page or a few immediately upon waking up. You can do it by hand or type, you can put your thoughts on paper, just jot down creative ideas, your goals, plans for the day, or even share your fears and deepest desires.

All that frees you from the burden of such information, together with its energy. It takes no time and is a habit you can easily create by just putting a pen and a sheet of paper next to your bed.

There are other options as to what you can write about. You can list reasons why today is going to be a great day or things you’re grateful for, you can try to analyze your dreams or how yesterday went. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll empty your mind, let your creative juices flow and feel good about the following day.

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3.   Do a quick workout.

The most common excuse for not working out is not having time during the day. That’s not true, course. It’s all about priorities and creating time for what’s important.

So if you really want to exceed in life and be in a good shape, you’ll start waking up earlier and exercising for 20-60 minutes. It can be jogging, a quick workout at home or your gym session for the day.

That’s the best time for such activity and it will keep you full of energy for the whole day.

4.   Create your to-do list.

To-do lists are still underrated. They are, however, one of the best productivity tips anyone would give you.

Writing down your tasks for the day, checking that list every few hours, crossing items off it and reviewing what’s done in the evening, is a great way to keep track of your time and goals. Also, you’ll never forget anything important anymore.

If you want to make the most of this technique, define your 3 most important tasks every morning and put them on top of the list. Then, once you get up and do your morning routine, start working on them.

5.   Meditate.

Give it a try for a few minutes over the course of a few days, so that you can feel the profound effects of this mental and spiritual exercise.

Stay still, let go of random thoughts and focus on your breathing. Feel what’s around you, find peace in the present moment. In time, you’ll find out you can do it for longer periods of time and can also focus more easily during work.

Meditation has health benefits too, like lowering blood pressure, decreasing stress and anxiety and improving the immune system.

So these are the 5 elements of a successful morning ritual that can help you win the day, and eventually become a better version of yourself, feel great and get things done while working on your goals.


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