4 Things Highly Productive People Never Do

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Productive people are those individuals who are so good at time management and focus only on what works and what’s important, that they excel at every area of their life each day.

They don’t procrastinate, make excuses or waste their time doing things that don’t give them results. They are hustlers, know how to manage their time and cherish and protect every minute of their days.

That’s why they get so much done in so little time, perform great and don’t get depressed or tired after work.

If you too want to be like them, start by eliminating some habits of procrastinators and those who don’t know how to take care of their to-do list and daily schedule.

Here are some things productive people would never do:

1.    They don’t try to get it all done.

There’s a perfectionist inside everyone but it’s our job to quiet his voice and start getting things done instead.

Understand that you can’t get everything done, just like you can’t have it all in life. But that’s not something negative, it’s how things are supposed to be because you don’t need as much as you do. Focus on the right things and your time will be better invested.

There’s always something to be done, but 24 hours in a day aren’t enough to answer other people’s expectations, live your life, do your daily chores, work, take care of your health, and accomplish bigger goals.

If you try to get everything done, you end up with nothing. So choose wisely where you spend your time.

2.    They don’t plan too much.

Planning isn’t always helpful. In fact, some people plan so much that it becomes a form of procrastination.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll see that if you’re not working on something important right now (you know what that activity or task is) you’re probably finding excuses. And these can be many.

Planning won’t get you far. You may try to predict every outcome of a situation or plan every detail for a project, but unexpected things happen and you’re wasting time.

Let go of that and just get to work.

3.    They don’t put quick tasks for later.

If you’re saying no to quick tasks the moment they come up, you’re not that productive.

It’s a tiny habit but when looking at the big picture is a really bad one.

The problem is that people prefer to feel prepared for things, they don’t like surprises and when something comes up, they say they’ll do it later. Unfortunately, that becomes a burden, you try to forget about it but other little tasks occur and all that makes you anxious.

Don’t fall into that trap. When a task that takes 5 minutes or less pops up, just do it. You’ll feel so much better and it will simplify your daily life a lot.

Perfect tropical beach with chairs and umbrella
Perfect tropical beach with chairs and umbrella

4.    They never get lazy.

Laziness is a lifestyle choice and a state of mind. If you never exercise, have lazy habits like social media, spending hours browsing online, watching TV on the couch, eating junk food, and more, your level of productivity will be low.

Highly productive people stay active even when not working. The wake up early (that itself is a productivity booster), have a morning routine to jumpstart the day, work out daily, and do stuff all the time. They don’t sleep in, or stay in bed all evening. Every action they take has a purpose and gives them results.

You too can live this way. The transformation happens over time, but never stop visualizing the success you can achieve once you become action-oriented.

So what’s the first change you can make to get more done today?


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