10 Things Happy People Do Differently To Achieve Their Goals

Achieving Goals
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Setting regular goals is an empowering way to create the life of your dreams, rather than floating along at the mercy of external events and circumstances proactively.

Here are ten key things happy people understand when it comes to setting goals and achieving their dreams.

  1. They don’t put their happiness on hold until their goal is achieved.

Happy people know that life is a journey, not a destination. While they may have ambition and big plans in the works, they also pause to soak up and appreciate the present moment and all of the good things already in their lives.

This appreciation for life, in turn, gives them the inspiration and positive energy to continue achieving their goals. As the saying goes, success does not bring happiness; happiness brings success.

  1. They don’t see success and failure as black and white.

Happy people know that there’s no such thing as a complete failure — even when things don’t go according to plan, they appreciate the opportunity for self-growth, the experience gained and the lessons learned.

  1. They don’t put their self-worth on the line.

Happy people know they’re perfectly whole and complete whether or not they’ve attained the house, the career, the soul mate or any other external goals. They understand that while going after their dreams is an incredibly worthwhile endeavor, it’s secondary to their primary purpose in life — to grow into their authentic selves, love more and enjoy each day.

  1. They don’t give into pressure to follow the status quo.

Happy people are committed to living a life that’s true to themselves. They rise above the pressure to conform to the status quo or the expectations of well-meaning family and friends. They understand they have a unique gift to bring to the world, and that when they design a life that feels right to their soul, the action flows more effortlessly and days become more joyful.

  1. They don’t trash talk their goals (or themselves).

Most people know deep down what they want in life, but they won’t consider pursuing it because they’ve already convinced themselves of all the reasons why it won’t work and why they are not good enough to achieve it. Happy people understand the importance of believing in their goals, and they fill their minds with all of the reasons why it can work out and why they are worthy of success.

  1. They don’t base their goals solely on their current circumstances.

Happy people realize that life changes quickly, and that big transformation is entirely possible. They also understand that when they follow their passions, the right people, circumstances and opportunities will begin to appear in their life. They don’t need to know all of the steps to achieve their goals before they begin — they just start with a clear vision of the result they want to achieve, and keep taking steps in that direction.

  1. They’re not too scared to reach out for help.

Happy people embrace a level of vulnerability and openness in their lives and are willing to put out a call for help and support when they need it. They realize they can’t always do everything on their own, and it’s OK to own up to this fact.

  1. They know to be specific but not closed-minded.

Happy people understand what they are seeking through achieving goals is fulfillment, and fulfillment can come to them in many different ways. They may set their sights on a particular career, partner or lifestyle, but they are also open-minded enough to spot other opportunities that come their way that would provide the same feeling of fulfillment, just in an unpredicted way.

  1. They don’t set goals and then forget them.

Happy people know the importance of being an active creator of their life, rather than a victim of circumstance. For this reason, they keep their goals and values front of mind and use them as a compass or guide on a regular basis.

10. They understand their power lies in the present moment.

Happy people strike a healthy balance between making plans for the future and visualizing their dream life, and taking action in the present moment. They understand that being focused and taking action today can improve all of their tomorrows.

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