5 Habits to Build for Better Personal Organization

5 Habits to Build for Better Personal Organization
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Success is usually a result of having successful habits. Because what we repeatedly do shapes our future.

That’s why great leaders and passionate entrepreneurs work on developing good habits early on so that they can see progress sooner and get closer to their goals.

And some of the most important changes in our behavior we need to make are those connected to personal organization.

Here are 5 habits to build to improve that aspect of our life:

1. Have rituals.

Waking up and going to bed early is not enough. It’s also important to have rituals.

Productive and purpose-driven people bookend their day with a morning and an evening routine. And that seems to make all the difference.

They include some positive, successful and creative activities in the very first and last part of their day that help them get motivated, prepare and get things done.

In the morning you can include some mini habits like doing some reading or writing, a quick workout, planning your day by making you to-do list, meditating or else.

Before you go to bed, spend some time reviewing your day and decide what needs to get done tomorrow. Also, unplug, don’t eat or drink an hour before that, and put yourself to sleep with a nice book.

2. Automate decisions.

You’ve probably realized that willpower is a finite resource. And the more we use it throughout the day, the more likely we are to indulge in unproductive and unhealthy behaviors in the evening.

To prevent that from happening, save willpower by automating some of the decisions we have to make daily.

For example, instead of wasting time deciding what to eat and preparing it every morning, choose one meal and get it ready the night before. This way you can quickly get to work on your most important tasks right after breakfast.

Also, have a fixed time for waking up and going to bed.

3. Get rid of excess belongings.

We have more possessions that we need. And, in time, we get attached to them, have to take care of them by cleaning and fixing them. They also take up space.

But if you want to simplify and organize your life, remove the things in your home and office that you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Give them away, sell them, or even throw away some stuff.

You’ll feel more freedom and peace once you do that. From then on, shop with limits. Buy things mindfully and only when you really need something.

4. Write everything down.

Using a to-do list is one of the simplest and most powerful productivity techniques. So stick to it.

Every evening spare some time to write down everything you have to do tomorrow. Also, define the most important tasks and put them on top. This way you’ll know where to start in the morning.

5. Take action right away.

Procrastination is a huge obstacle on the way to getting things done. So it’s smart to sit down and analyze everything that makes you put things off for later.

Most of the time it’s some mental barriers like fearing failure and wanting things to be perfect, not knowing where to start, being overwhelmed by the big picture of a new project, or else.

But all these are limitations you set to yourself. And can easily be eliminated.

You can break each goal/task/activity/project down into manageable and easy steps, for instance, and thus have a step-by-step plan on what to do each day. You can decide on a set time of the day and do it then no matter what.

Soon taking action will become a habit of yours. And you’ll start seeing progress and have a sense of accomplishment after each daily step.

Keep in mind that good personal organization goes together with a powerful mindset and building it as a skill can only happen by developing successful habits. Start with these 5 today.

What other habits do you know of that can be beneficial to you organizational skills?


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